The Mac Launch

We can’t believe it’s been a week and we haven’t mentioned our Mac experience.
Last week we headed over to the Belfast Harbour Commissioners Office to be at the launch of the new MAC programme.
Definitely a programme not to be missed out on this year with some exciting events going on. But for Belfast Times, it was certainly an adventure, as somehow we ended up on the front row, right beside Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness. Talk about feeling the pressure, especially given that everyone was dressed in suits and there was us, jeans and t-shirt. Embarrassing dot com!
Note to self for future press launches…dress more respectably. But seriously though…The MAC 2012 programme is very exciting, and everyone needs to head over to the cool little Popup Box Office on Rosemary Street and see what’s coming to TheMac.
The building and it’s fantastic exhibitions open on 20th April with work by William Conor and LS Lowry and much more.
For more information, check out their site.
PS…these images were taken while I sat there on the front row with my iPhone. Yep….that close!



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