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After months of preparation and designing, last night I finally and officially launched my first exhibition at The Wickerman, and along with my current Titanic obsession, my launch took place exactly 100 years after the ship left Belfast for the last time on 2nd April 1912.
First off, I really must thank everyone who came along and supported me on such a big and daunting night for me. Your support is really appreciated!
The 10 designs launched last night look at Belfast in a way you’ve never seen before. They were inspired by a London taxi which was covered in place names from the city, which ultimately led to the first design using the outline of a Belfast black taxi and the names of places in the city a taxi might take you to.
From an initial meeting with the hugely supportive Lawrence at The Wickerman and the suggestion of booking this April exhibition way back in August 2011 based on Lawrence seeing my one Warhol inspired H&W crane PopArt, there have been months of working on new Belfast designs.
I have focussed on many Belfast icons, including the City Hall, Crown Bar, Titanic and more, and created images like you’ve never seen before of Belfast. Working from my own photographs (apart from Titanic obviously) of the Belfast icons, I have recreated them digitally using text to make up their shape, and at the same time giving you a brief look at their history.
You’ll find out some key dates, such as when we became a city, when the Albert clock was built, some Belfast quarters you may not know existed, who has performed at the Ulster Hall, including amazingly, Charles Dickens and the Rolling Stones.
My new Keep ‘er lit cards also make an appearance. They happened entirely by accident one Sunday night when I needed a design to fill in the few months gap between Christmas and the exhibition launch. As we say in the city, they were a belter idea!
Make sure you call in to the Wickerman this April and have look at Belfast done differently!


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    (April 4, 2012 - 8:01 am)

    Well done, Jeff, this is sooo amazing! Who’d a thought that such a talented artist lived in our wee street? Best of luck – onwards and upwards!


      (April 4, 2012 - 8:05 am)

      Thanks June!

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