The Delorean PopArt

Is it really Monday again? The list of things to do this week is already prepared, with a sizeable chunk of it revolving around getting things prepared for Sunday at St George’s Market. But first, let’s have a look at what happened last week.
The first thing was our brand new PopArt design, and already it’s been a popular one. The famous Belfast built Delorean ‘Back to the Future’ car has been recreated Warhol style, and is now for sale at our pitch in St George’s Market (Sunday) as a greetings card, a large postcard and a larger A3 framed print. I will add it to our online shop later this week (which reminds me, I need to add that to my ‘to do’ list).
It was a busy week last week, and one particularly hectic day drove me to chocolate. And where is our favourite chocolatier? Yes it’s CoCouture on Chichester Street. So basically my sanity was saved by a delicious Hot Chocolate, florentine and some marshmallows.
Later that day I got my hands on a Hastings Titanic duck, and it appeared to cause quite a reaction on Twitter. This little limited edition beauty is available to all Hastings Hotel guests booking a Titanic Package at any of their hotels.
In our Belfast world, the rest of the week revolved around the launch of Miss NI then the launch event for TheMac, but more on those later. I have a few tours I need to organise in the next couple of weeks, and they are the Belfast Photographic Tour, the Titanic Explorer Tour and also a Belfast City Bike Tour. Yes, it’s clearly that time of the year when the tours begin again in the run up to St Patrick’s weekend and the rest of the big Belfast events. And with only 54 days until Titanic Belfast opens and 74 days until TheMac opens the preparations and marketing for NI in the shape of Our Time Our Place, are in full swing. I notice the new promotional banners have been put up around the City.
As a last note, I finally got a quick iPhone shot of an image I have been trying for a while, that being one of the City Hall reflected off the M&S building with a blue sky. Clearly as you can see below, it was almost dusk when I took the photo, but it still makes for a striking image, which I love.

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