The Carey Gallery

Last week I ventured into the Ulster Hall to gather up some information for our exhibition in April. I had a good hoke around the hallways of the building, which opened 150 years ago this year. I had gathered everything I needed, taken the photos and jotted down some names, then, as I was about to leave I noticed what appeared to be a hidden gallery tucked in behind the stairs.
I poked my head round the corner and there it was, the hidden treasure of the Carey Gallery. Half an hour later I emerged excited and amazed and also wondering what other hidden gems were in Belfast.
In 1902, to celebrate the Belfast Corporation (now the council) buying the Ulster Hall, a series of paintings was commissioned from JW Carey. The Carey paintings are large scale canvases dealing with the history and mythology of the Belfast region and they are on display in this new dedicated gallery space within the building.
I was totally fascinated by the paintings and information on the City. Truly a hidden treasure and worth seeing if you want to know a wee bit more about Belfast.

Find out more information on the Ulster Hall on their website.

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