Sneak peak

As the countdown to the Belfast Times exhibition in The Wickerman continues to tick away, it was time I got into action designing and creating some new Popart. The April event seemed so far away when I booked it last August, but now it’s only 2 and a half months away and the clock is ticking louder and louder.
Apart from the newly permanent pitch at St George’s Market on Sundays, the weekend, right into Monday, was spent designing.
I can only give you a sneak preview at the minute, but my normal Popart has taken a new direction. It’s still very much Belfast, but given the year, there’s a bit of Titanic thrown in. I guess a lot of the new design is about celebrating Belfast, it’s people and places, so it’s not all Titanic you’ll be glad to know.
I’m so excited to get the designs out there for everyone to see, but I’ll have to hold back until the official launch at The Wickerman in April. Then you’ll be able to buy it at St George’s the following Sunday as well as at the exhibition.
For now, 4 new designs are done, only 6 more to go!


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