Friday night was gig night, the venue was The Stiff Kitten, the artist was Michael Kiwanuka and the audience was loud. Michael, the BBC Sound of 2012 winner, was on the first date of his UK tour and he was sounding good. Well what we could hear of him! We’ve never experienced this in our lives before, but we’ve never heard a crowd talk quite so much during a gig. Some groups were loud enough to make you wonder why exactly they were there, because it certainly wasn’t to hear a great vocalist. Needless to say, it became clear we weren’t the only people unimpressed by the rudeness, as for the first time ever, people actually started saying shhh! And I don’t mean a couple of them, it actually spread throughout the Stiff Kitten in a wave of disgust and was quite a bizarre experience. Some of us wanted to hear this years BBC Sound of 2012 and what we could hear of Michael was quite superb and a marvellous choice for the first gig of the year for us.
Before the gig we headed into Harlem Belfast on Bedford Street for a quick bite to eat. What a surprise! The food was good, but the atmosphere was better, with cool jazzy/soul vibes and superb staff. If I had one comment about the place it would be to give us chunky homemade chips instead of skinny McDonalds style french fries, but that’s just a personal thing. It’s definitely a cool place to be though, and very popular. We’ll be back soon for a night out with some glamourous friends!
Back tracking a bit more, The Titanic Duck added a bit of fun to our Friday, as the Hastings Duck set up its own twitter account (@capttitanicduck) and kept us amused with tweets of the new Titanic Ducks taking a dip in their pool. We loved it so much, we convinced the hotel to let us have 5 ducks to give up for adoption in a quick and very popular twitter competition. Big congratulations to all the winners.
Meanwhile our chums over at then put the question out there, ‘should guys use moisturiser?’, why, because it turns out that the guys who work in this online beauty company’s HQ think soap and water is enough! Really! What do you think? Needless to say I responded with a photo of the ever faithful Intensive Hand Cream by Cath Kidston. Man up guys, your better halves don’t want to be holding hands on Valentines day with something akin to sandpaper!


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    Melita Williams

    (February 13, 2012 - 5:56 pm)

    Yep, the updates of your fun weekends are def the best posts! We are all living vicariously through Belfast Times… no pressure guys!


      (February 13, 2012 - 6:28 pm)

      haha…just living the life 🙂 Thanx!!!!

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