Review: Death (on a shoestring)

It was opening night at the Baby Grand for the new Dave Kinghan comedy musical, Death on a shoestring. We were invited along to check out this dark and often bizarre comedy on its opening night during the Belfast Festival.

It kicked off with a great opening track by the grim reaper himself, Death, it was fun quirky and just a big bit crazy. Death hasn’t had a day off…ever, and is dedicated to his job until along comes Cecilia, who convinces him he has rights. So off she goes to heaven to sort it out for him.

Heaven as it turns out is being run by angels as God has retired, it’s no longer a family business and space is at a premium, so action has to be taken to weed out those with not as much faith as some.

The chief angel, Diligence, has an amazing assistant, Chastity, whose character similarities to Bubble of AbFab are a treat. Acted by Daisy Brindley, Chastity was just delightful and made the comedy an absolute pleasure to watch as she plodded about heaven in her fluffy pink angel wings and silly grin.

Cecilia is horrified by the lack of equality in heaven, and quickly gets her teeth into a heavenly overhaul, which doesn’t quite work out as she has planned.

The comedy cleverly echoes a lot of current political issues, including the question about coalitions…do they ever really work?

Do they?

Death (on a shoestring) is well described in their own press release as bizarre and full of Dave Kinghans black humour.

It runs in the Baby Grand until the 27th October, with tickets from £8.


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