NI Hospice Jailbreak

20121129-225611.jpgSome new Crumlin Road prisoners need your HELP …

A number of local celebrities are going to be arrested at 9am on Friday morning and if they don’t raise enough bail they’ll be forced to stay behind bars over Christmas!

Celebrities Olivia Nash, Miss NI Tiffany Brien and UTV’s Julian Simmons will be joined by Diageo Director Michael McCann and other celebs and local business people as they get ‘banged up’ in Crumlin Road Gaol for an array of bizarre crimes. All those taking part have been asked to hand themselves over into PSNI custody this morning (30th November) where they will be detained for the foreseeable future or until bail of £3,500 is secured for each of their releases.

The event has been organised by NI Hospice and as this is the Diageo chosen charity for the year, Michael “volunteered” to be part of the Hospice Jailbreak.

His CRIME? Michael became known to official police detectives after it was mistakenly reported that his staff were being overworked, underpaid and were being forced to work Christmas Day. Cruelty to staff is a serious criminal offence.

Anyone able to donate – you can do so via Michael’s just giving page:

Fingers crossed they get enough money to get them all out of jail for Christmas! But let’s not raise the money too fast, because as all those who did the Halloween Ghost Tours know…they may well have company!


Post Author: Belfast Times