#MondayMindfulness : Hello Monday!

Hello Monday!

Up and at it we go!

Monday motivation for me always begins with a minutes meditation.

Now I hear you say ‘weird gal meditating’, well let me tell you a secret, you meditate all the time and you don’t even realise!

Yes YOU! Meditation isn’t necessarily sitting cross legged for hours, humming and chanting it’s simply the moments of sitting still!

More importantly the awareness of sitting still, daydreaming, staring, breathing, knowing that your grabbing a wee minute to yourself!

On my journey of meditation and mindfulness I did embrace times of long silences, long days and hours and years of practices on meditation and through practice and wisdom I learned what I liked, what worked for me, but most importantly how I could fit moments of mindfulness meditation into my frantic, busy life!

Goldie Hawn runs a mindfulness school for children in America and she champions 10 minutes a day of mindfulness moments by being aware for 1 minute, 10 times daily!

In any new practice even this can be challenging and difficult especially when we are unused to being mindful of our thinking!

Take a moment right now and follow me:

Sit still
Focus on something in front of you
Now listen to your breathing
Listen to the sounds around you
Notice your breathing
Notice where you are
Notice your body
Notice your thoughts
Notice what you are looking at
Now simply allow, allow everything to be exactly as it is, without judgement.

Congratulations you have just completed one minute mindfulness meditation!

Now why are medical professionals recommending this as an aid to:

Reduce stress
Reduce anxiety
Reduce panic attacks
Reduces fears and phobias
Help with sleep
Help with concentration
Help with depression
Help with mental illness
Help with physical pains
Increase positivity
Increase wellbeing
Increase overall health

It’s simply this, in this frantic world we do not take time to settle the mind, we seem to focus on what’s wrong and not what’s good, we mentally overthink and over analyse, we don’t realise the power of ourselves, our mind and our capabilities!

By intoducing one tiny change to our day we can help ourselves out by being aware of our body mind connection and through mindful moments we can give ourselves a break, breathe, sit still and learn that for everything that happens we can give ourselves the power of knowing that through meditation and stillness we can access the power of peace, stillness and quietness and through that we can see, see clearer, hear more intuitively and listen, listen to our own innermost self and know that we are following our hearts!

Then solidly we know that in this moment we are doing the right thing for us right here, right now!

Dream, believe, create, receive!

The magic of mindfulness 🌈🌈🌈🌸🌸🌸

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