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When I found out on Friday evening I had the chance to interview Amy childs at her perfume launch in Bradley’s pharmacy I jumped at the chance. I got the girls in work at the Benefit counter to do my makeup and at 5 bells I was straight over to Bradley’s in Mullaghmore.

There were huge queues of girls of all ages waiting to meet the star and buy her perfume. It was so rare that such a big name was visiting such a rural area. This was great to see the local community out to show our Irish hospitality and general nice nature.

I was able to skip the queue and get my photo taken with her in her trademark perfume purple surroundings. I brought along gift wrapped retro sweets courtesy of Tempest in Omagh and she was so shocked I had done this. “ OMG, come here and give me a kiss, that’s so sweet of you.” So I plumped myself down beside her and smiled for the cameras. I was totally not prepped to meet Amy so I was minus the tan! I said to her “ Oh Lord, I am so white compared to you!” to which she responded “ Tots get a spray tan Babes!” Hilarous! I stood for a while talking to her boyfriend who was so down to earth. He spoke the whole time of Amy and her drive to succeed as a businesswoman.

I also spoke briefly to her manager Claire Powell who also manages Peter Andre. She gave me some tips on the PR industry and what to expect in the future. So after a short wait I got to ask Amy some questions.

“ I love perfume full stop” Amy told me. “ This is why I decided to make my own, I go through a bottle of perfume a week!” Amy was involved in the whole process of the perfume making from the drafting of ideas to the presentation of the box. “ I put a lot of hard work into this perfume with my manager Claire, I worked on the scent, the bottle, the design and colours; everything”.

So why did Amy choose to include Northern Ireland in her launch when most other celebrities forget about us here. “ I loved the thought of coming to Northern Ireland. I constantly get tweets from fans asking why don’t I come to visit, so I thought yeah I will!”20121202-220141.jpg

Time wasn’t exactly on our side so my final question was more personal to me. I explained that I have been made redundant twice this year and would love to start my own business. I asked her what advice would she give to young women today who want to start their own business. “ Be passionate about what you do.” “From a young age I have had an huge interest in beauty, I have done beauty courses and have my own salon. I have a massive interest in fashion too. I work seven days a week and never stop” “ Work hard at what you enjoy and you will succeed.” “Get involved in anything that is happening, do courses” basically do anything that will increase your chances of success. I only met Amy for a short period but was definitely inspired by what she has done in such a short space of time. At 22 she is a Reality TV Star, Beautician, Businesswoman – beauty salon, clothing range, swimwear, fitness DVD, lashes, tan & perfume, phew what a list!

Post by guest blogger Clara Lyttle

Post Author: Belfast Times