May Day weekend

It’s Friday morning, and for some reason I’m up at this crazy early hour and already heading into work at 7am….I never do this!
Maybe this early start is excitement at the fantastic play we saw last night in the Lyric Theatre. In the year since it reopened, we hadn’t had the chance to see a show at the Lyric, but unexpectedly, last night, we headed up to see The Civilisation Game. Written and directed by Tim Loane, we had no expectations, but seriously, it was superb. Kicking off with the burglar, the story focuses on the attitudes and lives of two couples as their life as they know it is disrupted and turned upside down in this superb play. Without giving too much away, you will laugh, a lot, but you’ll also feel like you could be watching a real life scenario unfold on stage. In a moment of inspiration, I actually got all literate last night and described it like a tapestry of local life. Applause all round!
Its a busy few days ahead in Belfast on this May Day weekend. The superclub that is El Divino will be the focal point for many, with the ElDivino Fashion show and the beautiful people from Style Academy tonight. I’ve already popped round this morning for a sneak peek of the setup. Wow!
Then on Sunday, there’s the first of the El Divino Live shows with the Brand New Heavies. Let’s hope this 7am rain clears!
Monday, it’s Marathon Day. If anyone is doing it on Monday, you’ll not suffer from heatstroke anyway, as it’s due to rain. But Keep er Lit as we say, and have a fantastic day achieving your charity fundraising targets and completing that 26 mile challenge……applause!
Let’s not forget about the quirky and fun Festival of Fools on in the City this weekend. Expect some madcap performances.
And let’s not forget about the 13th season of the super Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival which runs for the next week. Already we’ve had some really positive feedback on the Ulster Kama Sutra performance which got a standing ovation in Whites last night.
Have a great Bank Holiday weekend whatever you are getting up to.


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