Love Fitness training update

20130409-085827.jpgFive sessions in to my eight week training programme with Peter of LoveFitness and the results of all the hard work are beginning to show.

From the get go, my diet has changed back to the sugar free existence I used to know so well. Sugar is my addiction and it mostly came in the shape of a bar of chocolate or three. Basically I’m admitting to being a chocolate monster, I could eat it right through from breakfast til bedtime. But hurray of all hurrays, I’ve broke the sugar cycle and the cravings just aren’t there any more. The key to this big change is to be organised and plan my next days food the night before, and to make sure I have plenty of fruit and a few nuts about, to fill the gaps created by the chocolate.

I’ve also made a few changes to my exercise regime, by adding activity into my daily routine. Working on the fifth floor helped because I haven’t taken the lift in three weeks and opted for the stairs…at least twice a day.

I also pulled my old bike screaming and shouting out of the garage for the first time in 2 years. But I gave up on it after a week (too small) and bought a new hybrid bike. Now the daily commute to work is partially in the fresh air with the wind in my face. And I’m loving it.

Most importantly and chief motivator of all is Peter at LoveFitness. Every week, we have met up and gradually built up a training programme personalised to suit me. Every week he continues to encourage and push me to my limit and apparently my progress is good. My body is quickly remembering and loving getting fit again. In all honesty I’m beginning to Love Fitness again and that’s pretty much what Peter wants us all to do!

20130409-085834.jpgThe best part of all, as I very quickly approach my mid 40’s, is that I now know that it’s not too late to get up off that sofa and away from the TV and move those middle aged muscles again. It just takes a bit of effort to make that move, but once the endorphins kick in, and the diet and new regime fall into place, it’s an exciting and exhilarating place to be, mentally and physically.

Peter Love is a Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer at Love Fitness NI, Belfast.
He is also a specialist in Ante and Post Natal training.
Tel: 07834 553323
F: Love Fitness NI
T: @lovefitnessni

Post Author: Belfast Times