Review: The Long Road

Image by Steffan Hill
Sheelagh O’Kane as the mother in The Long Road at the Lyric Theatre Belfast.
Image by Steffan Hill

On Tuesday night, we headed back to the Lyric Theatre, to watch the new play currently showing in the Naughton Studio.

The Long Road, a story about a family struggling to come to terms with the murder of a son/brother.

The play began with the surviving brother setting the scene, and from that moment and for the next hour and a half, I was hooked.

The setup in the Naughton Studio made it feel like you were looking down on a real scenario. But most importantly, the acting was, well, it was phenomenal!

Sheelagh O’Kane as the mother was just astounding. How anyone can act out those raw emotions night after night is beyond me, and a credit to Sheelagh, because for the first time ever in a play, I could’ve easily believed that the murdered son was actually her own.

Sheelagh, as Mary, and her family are trying to come to terms with the loss of their boy. Their boy whose life was ended tragically on a night out with his brother, by a young woman who was ‘off her head’.

It’s an intense, raw and emotional production in the Lyric Theatre, as the mother Mary embarks on a journey of trying to understand the young woman, before eventually meeting her in prison.

A poignant, emotive and must see production.

The Long Road runs in the Naughton Studio until Sunday 21st October. The box office can be contacted on 028 9038 1081 or online at


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