In the court of Duke Special

On Monday I had the pleasure of meeting Duke Special during his afternoon of promotions for ‘In the Court of…Duke Special’

In the Court of…, is the opening festival for the autumn season in The Mac, and Duke Special, aka Peter Wilson, has the honour of being guest curator for the week long festival.

I actually only popped along to The Mac to get a photo of the man himself for my August Photo a day project but I ended up having a quick chat.


It really was a quick chat, so what did I start with? We both went to the same school, Sullivan Upper, and Peter was in the same year as a good friend of mine. So that seemed as good a conversation starter as any. After a brief reminisce about Sullivan, far too many years ago to even think about, I asked about his curating role for The Mac.

You could tell Peters excitement and passion about his curator role immediately, his eyes just lit up as he started to talk about The Futureheads and their accapella set and also the Wine Tasting night with Marek and how it will be wine tasting along with music and movie clips. By the sounds of things, he will also be attending the events.

The week long festival is as unique and eccentric as Duke Special and a week not to be missed!

Running from 4th-9th September, Peters guests include Three Bonzos and a Piano, The Blockheads, DJ78, The Futureheads, Cathy Davey and Joe Black.

For the full programme of events why not visit where tickets can also be purchased, prices start from only £9.50.

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