Hectic, Baltic, Belter

The title says it all, Hectic, Baltic, Belter….that’s exactly what yesterday was!
It all kicked off with a visit to the refurbished Ulster Museum and wow, it’s pretty special. We just didn’t expect Belfast to have something so modern and fitting for a proper 21st Century museum, and best of all it’s free! Highly recommended.
Then we headed across the road to the Black Bear Cafe to relax for a bit, but also to check out a Belfast Times card and postcard stockist. I didn’t expect to find a funky little treasure trove of local crafts and art for sale. Loved it..and they serve my favourite local Suki Tea!
Next stop was Madison’s Hotel to discuss a future competition, and we had a wee look at their thousands of pounds worth of Terry Bradley art hanging on the wall. Impressive.
Then it was time for our Titanic walk tour leaving from the Premier Inn Titanic Quarter at 2, so off we walked the long walk over to the hotel. It was a busy tour, and full of absolute Titanoraks, definitely a different experience from any tours I’ve done before. We were guided by first timer Claire and she did such a good job, her boss, Colin Cobb would’ve been impressed. As always I loved getting into the drawing offices for a nosey round and they have definitely been cleaned up a bit, but best of all the skylights have been uncovered to let all the natural light shine in. Definitely my favourite rooms in the City.
Then it was back into the City for dinner, passing the huge queues for the Titanic Sounds concert on the way. As an ex weatherman I had checked the forecast and already knew it was going to be a cold night, but clearly the message hadn’t reached the masses of girls standing in the queue wearing the skimpiest of shorts and t-shirts. Really! It’s April, not the height of summer….fashion isn’t really supposed to be practical I guess. It’s all about the look, rather than the practicalities…I must be getting old as when it’s that cold outside, practicality always wins.
So, it was free dinner in the Cloth Ear, oh, and it was only free because we used vouchers we got as Christmas presents, no other reason.
I think we had about 10 minutes rest before heading back to the Titanic Sounds for a superb night being entertained by what we thought was a disappointing lineup, but which ended up being a belter night out. The new Titanic Belfast building looked superb as a backdrop, and the slipways are a superb concert venue.

But gosh was it cold….Baltic in fact!




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