A Benefit night at Menarys

This week Menary’s department store invited a group of bloggers along to a Benefit cosmetics night followed by a mini Menary’s fashion show.

We were introduced to the Benefit Ireland team and treated to a masterclass by their top makeup expert Mark Rogers.

Mark took us through a number of products from the Benefit range with amazing energy and passion.

20121006-234147.jpgAfter the masterclass, Menary’s put on a mini show hosted by stylist Alison Paul. Alison introduced the bloggers to some key looks from the store for AW12.

The whole night was just a treat from start to finish, but I was intrigued about Mark’s daily routine. As a top Benefit makeup artist, Mark surely must be using the product and I wanted to know more, so I arranged a quick Q&A session with him to get some tips for guys.

What would be your top morning and evening routine tips for men?

For men it is so important to have a good skin care regime. Exfoliating before shaving helps soften the stubborn hairs and helps prevent ingrown hairs and shaving rash. Soothe your skin after shaving with a soothing moisturiser with that all important SPF. This is so important to stop skin prematurely ageing. George Clooney often talks about SPF as one of his secrets to ageing well.

Male grooming is increasing every year and some companies have a men’s range. Do you think Benefit would ever consider doing a men’s range, and what Benefit products would work best as a men’s range?

It’s not something we have lined up for the foreseeable future but it is definitely something we would consider. However we do have some phenomenal products that work just as well for men. We call these our “guy buys”. These products have a big celebrity following. X-Factor’s Dermot O’Leary has commented in many interviews on his favourite “guy buy” which is our Porefessional.

What should be on every man’s shopping list of Benefit products?

-Refined Finish Facial Polish- This is a soft exfoliator with spherical micro-bead. Perfect for Pre-shave! This will lift dead skin cells without irritating the skin. You will find you get a must closer smoother shave with less irritation.

Triple Performing Moisturiser (SPF 15): This soothing moisturiser is perfect for post-shave, it will hydrate, it is oil-free and has an SPF to help against skin damage which can cause premature ageing.20121006-234154.jpg

Doctor Feel Good: After moisturiser apply some of our Doctor Feel good as an aftershave balm. This will soothe the skin and leave a soft velvety feel the ladies won’t be able to resist. It has ingredients with healing properties so therefore is great for sensitive skin after shaving.

Porefessional: This is Dermot O Leary’s favourite product!!! This again goes on like a balm but is completely translucent . All men should pop some Porefessional across their nose and forehead and down the chin. This reduces the appearance of open pores and makes your skin look smoother. If working in a stressful environment this is great to stop the build up of oils /perspiration we get along the nose and forehead.

What would you say to the men of Northern Ireland to convince them that taking pride in your appearance isn’t just for the ladies?

I think this is something that we are seeing change naturally. We see male celebrities on the television everyday now with spray tans, groomed brows and powdered to perfection. There is no shame in taking pride in your appearance. In fact, women are now expecting a higher standard of grooming. At Benefit we have brow bars. We have one in Debenhams Belfast and one shortly arriving in Debenhams Foyleside next month. The first step is to get yourself to one of our brow bars and get your brows done. We don’t shape a mans brow we simply tidy them. Trust me guys no one wants to date a monobrow.

And finally, what’s the perfect Benefit gift a man should be buying his other half for Christmas this year?

This year we have so much to choose from.
The perfect stocking filler would have to be our They’re Real mascara. it is now the No. 1 selling mascara in the UK and there isn’t a woman out there that won’t adore this! We also have a fab range of Christmas sets.

– Crescent Row minis: Perfect handbag sized fragrances to suit your girlfriends every mood.

– Fast train to Fabulous : This set has a full size of our top selling bronzer, our world renowned lip and cheek tint (benetint) and a miniature of our number one selling mascara (They’re Real) . This kit works for any woman no matter what her skin type of skin tone. A perfect gift to get you in the good books!

– Peek-A-Bright Eyes: This is a phenomenal eye palette that every girl/ woman/ mother /daughter / grandmother and sister will both want and need. This is sure to be the most desired Christmas gift so make sure to get this well in advance!

Big thanks to Menary’s for organising a great event with Benefit, a fashion show and treats.

Thanks to Mark for recommending some Benefit guy buys and to make your shopping a bit easier I’ve provided links to buy them from Menary’s Online. Meanwhile, this week I’m going to get my guy buys from Benefit and start using Mark’s mantra, Prep, Prime and Perfect. So watch this space as I’ll report back next week with what happened, and I’ll also have a little Benefit prize to give away.

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2 thoughts on “A Benefit night at Menarys

    Nuala Campbell

    (October 10, 2012 - 7:49 am)

    A great read! Interesting to read about the products from a male point of view. It was a great night and lovely to meet you.

      Belfast Times

      (October 10, 2012 - 8:18 am)

      Yes, great to meet you too. It took a while for the penny to drop that I could do it from a male point of view. What was most interesting is that we would view Benefit as a make up, but the products recommended are really just ways of improving your skin and helping it look better. Who knew!!

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