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20130320-121630.jpgIt’s hump day (Wednesday), it’s international happiness day and it’s Spring equinox, surely that makes today the best day of this week? For me, add to the mix that I’m so happy to be training again and to be eating better than I have done in a year. I am fully motivated to get fit and trim again and with the help of Peter at LoveFitnessNI and with two personal training sessions completed so far, its game on.

For the first time in my life I’m actually counting calories, and with the help of a wee iphone app called MyFitnessPal, it’s surprisingly easy to see what I’m consuming as the day progresses. Just pop in the food and the app works out the rest. I’m quite comfortably coming in at less than 1800 calories a day, it’s surprising how much fruit and veg you can eat in a day and still feel full, satisfied and below the calorie target.

Counting calories has also raised some other eating issues though, as last week on my day off, I headed to a well known pizza restaurant for a slap up meal with really was, the works! But when I put all the food into the app, I was absolutely horrified to read that in one meal I had exceeded my full days calorie intake, the Pizza on its own was almost 1200 calories….horrific, and another huge revelation. But that was only one day and elsewhere there have been great feats of willpower. At the weekend I was so pleased with myself to resist temptation to eat the chocolate digestive biscuits which appeared under my nose, and also the big bag of Doritos’s which I could smell from the other side of the house!

As well as the calorie intake, I am slowly introducing small changes in my daily routine and they involve climbing up to the fifth floor of my office block at least once a day, and always take the stairs on the way down. If there is an escalator and a staircase, I’ll also head for the stairs. The bike has been lifted out of storage and the tyres pumped up and I do plan to go out for a wee pedal tonight, and gradually build that up. Hopefully I won’t be turned into roadkill by a manic driver.

As for the outdoor training, Peter is such a great motivator and help while at the same time pushes me to my absolute limit, and even if I just want to fall over and give up, he can get me to push out that wee bit more during our outdoor training sessions. And talking of outdoors, I’m loving it..session number 1 was in Stormont Estate, session number 2 was on Comber Greenway, session 3 is yet undecided, but it will be another great location in a Belfast park. Hopefully it highlights that there are so many places to train and get fit in, rather than paying for those expensive gym memberships, although nothing beats heading to a leisure centre for a swim. And all being well, I’ll be having a swim in the new Olympic size swimming pool in Bangor soon. 32 lengths (1 mile) is the goal and I haven’t done that in 20 years!

The best motivator of all, is that I’m starting to see changes in my body. But I’ll hold off on the measurements for a few weeks!

Keep er lit and get fit!

Tip for the day:. Ignore the weather and get outside in the fresh air and enjoy one of the great Belfast parks.

You can contact Peter at LovefitnessNI through his facebook or twitter. Or by email at or by calling him on 07834553323

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