#Keeperlitandgetfit – The day before training begins.

20130312-110128.jpgIt’s the day before training begins with Peter at LoveFitnessNI and I’ve had a week of preparations which to be honest didn’t include any training, but just working on sorting the diet out.

Surprisingly it’s been relatively easy as I’ve switched back into the sugar free world I used to live in. It’s not a perfect diet, but if I improve just a little more every day and with some help from Peter, I’ll get there.

Gone are the cereals or bread for breakfast, and in is the very filling porridge cooked with a mixture of fresh and frozen fruit and lots of it.

Lunch has been a mixture of chicken salads with various vegetables which include beetroot, asparagus, spinach and rocket amongst others, and topped with some rapeseed oil. I’ve even started trying out Frittata without the potatoes. Cooked the night before and packaged all ready for lunches.

As for snacks, well the chocolate is gone, and that’s the biggest change, I was seriously, the chocolate monster, but it had to go, and the cravings have gone as well. I’m definitely in the good food sugar free zone as I munch on small portions of nuts along with my little fruit salads all prepared the night before.

It’s all about the preparation I think. So while dinner is cooking I get lunch for the next day prepared.

The next stage is the training, and tomorrow morning is when it all begins. The plan is a once a week session with Peter, outside. Yes, in this freezing weather, and I’m actually excited about it. Sure it burns more energy doesn’t it!

Peter has all the measurements including waist, hips, biceps, chest and weight. And he has the measurements from 2 years ago to compare. To be honest they aren’t hugely different, with my waist 2 inches more and my biceps half an inch less. It’s not a huge difference, but it’s going in the wrong direction.

Let the ‘Keep er lit and get fit for summer’ phase begin!

If you want an update as I train tomorrow then get onto the @Belfasttimes twitter account as in between dying outside I’ll try and tweet a bit as well from 10am.

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