Fright Night 2012

Prepare for the fear! Fright Nights at the Jungle are back for Halloween 2012.

And they are bigger, better and even more frightening than before!!

Begin your terrifying tour through the woods in the darkness of the night with only a lantern to light the way…

…As you walk along the winding trail you will encounter some disturbing sights and sounds. You will experience firsthand the troubled souls that live within the forest…

Many special effects help set the mood and if the dark forest is not scary enough for you we can assure that as you walk deeper and deeper into the forest things will start to get a little more unnerving! But there’s no point letting all the secrets out, so you’ll have to go along and find out for what’s in store for you! Fright nights are unlike any other experience you’ll have had, with the perfect haunted setting in these spooky woods, you will get the fright of your life.

It’s only £10 per person and there’s no need to book!

For more info, visit

The Jungle is set in 200 acres of enchanted woodland, right in the centre of Northern Ireland, just off the A29 between Cookstown and Magherafelt.

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