Destination Dublin – Janelle Monae

It looks like it’s peak season for concerts in Dublin at the minute with some big names and some generally unknown names as well. Some of the big hitters are Neil Diamond, Bon Jovi and soon Prince.
For us it was all about a bit of a mix between 3 very different gigs. Following on from our last weeks Take That extravaganza at Croke Park we had 2 more concerts to attend this week. They were Janelle Monae and Glee, but more about Glee later.
Janelle Monae is a very unknown soul/funk artist from USA, has anyone even heard of her? Playing at the so cool Tripod, Janelle brought her unique style to Dublin for an energetic, entertaining, and fantastic intimate gig.
From the second she arrived on stage with her 5 piece band, 2 backing vocalists and 4 piece string quartet, Janelle displayed that star quality of someone born to perform, with very clear Prince, James Brown and Michael Jackson influences. How many artists have the charisma and energy to get the audience on their knees on the floor and jump up again to her closing track Come Alive. It was bizarre and genius.
If you like Prince and James Brown, I would recommend getting onto iTunes and listen to Faster, Tightrope, and Come Alive. All I can say is Janelle was the best concert of the year so far and she deserves to be huge.
Also, isn’t it about time some of these artists travelled those 100 miles up to Belfast, it’s not that far really, and after all, we are the MTV music city of choice!


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