Cheers to 2013

20130102-084141.jpgWelcome to 2013!

So this is it, unfortunately after much overindulgence and much needed rest to finish off 2012, life has to return to normal at some point and today is the day.

It’s back to the office and back to Belfast.

Much of the festive overindulgence this year was sponsored by a few of the new contacts we’ve made during the year, and that included a bottle of Smirnoff vodka and a bottle of Absolut Vodka! (thanks guys), as delicious and wonderful as always!

But the big event on New Years Eve was sponsored by our new chums from Lidl, and the treats from them certainly brought a few surprises.

After having already tried out both the men’s X-Bolt scent and the women’s perfume Madame Glamour, and being very impressed, we were intrigued by what some other Lidl brands would be like.

So along came a few gift vouchers and a trip to our local Lidl to try out the Deluxe range along with a few bottles of Prosecco from the store.

Amongst the haul were Pizzas, crisps and nuts, perfect for a New Years Eve blowout.

20130102-084030.jpgThe big surprises in our slightly drunken taste tests were the creamy tasty Deluxe Christmas Spiced butter fudge. The whole bag disappeared in minutes and it went down a storm. Also high up there in the popularity stakes was the tin of Macademia nuts. But the big winner of the night was of course the Prosecco. Strangely though it was screw top, so the new year didn’t start with a pop, and possibly as a result of or because of that, the Prosecco wasn’t just as fizzy as we were used to, but it was definitely very drinkable as we stood out on the balcony toasting the start of hopefully another great year.

Unfortunately though, all the thousands of calories of over consumption have to come to an end and the diet and exercise regime must return to normal, the normal that was before Belfast Times went a bit crazy this time last year. So breakfast today kicked off the return to form me, with 3 scrambled eggs and later today I need to work out a gym routine, I’m sure Neil McTeggart, my one time personal trainer approves. Strictly speaking it’s not all about new years resolutions, but a return to what is good for me and my health, less carbs, less sugar, more protein and more exercise.

As I say on my cards for sale at my stall in St George’s Market, ‘Keep er lit’, and keep the mindset that you haven’t just made a new years resolution, you just made a lifestyle change which will improve your health and wellbeing.

Happy New Year and have the best 2013 you can.


Post Author: Belfast Times