Celebrate NI 2012

Fodor’s, the worlds largest publisher of English language travel and tourism guides have just published their list of must see places and Belfast is on their list of 21 best places to go in 2012.
Obviously the Titanic 100 anniversary and the opening of Titanic Belfast and the snowball effect from these are bringing awareness of Belfast to the fore, but finally the worlds top travel guides have woken up to the fact that for many years now, we have been one of the best places to visit.

They talk about the new Titanic Belfast building, and the MTV concert event which takes place during the opening month. They mention the fantastic Antrim coastline and recommend some of our best hotels to stay in. The Belfast Festival at Queens gets a mention, as does the Crown Bar.

It’s just a matter now of continuing to spread the word worldwide, that Belfast and NI are open for business, and Tourism Ireland are doing just that. They have launched their most extensive global marketing campaign for Northern Ireland and the video is working its way round the world, inviting everyone to enjoy our country.

Check out the Tourism Ireland video below, but have a quick look at Fodors write up.

Come on NI2012, we can show the world how good we are!


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