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This weeks focus turns to local guy Neil McTeggart and his Body Success program. Neil is one of a number of very successful local Personal Trainers and along with Jim Gordon they have pooled more than 30 years experience in the fitness industry and created a revolutionary Body Success program for DW Fitness Club members.

In 2007 Neil made it to the finals of the UK Men’s Health Magazine Cover Model Competition. From there he went on to create his highly successful ebook, ‘The Diet Plan’ and he also became the online fitness editor for Men’s Health. Neil loves reading inspirational books and quotes and as a result he inspires his Personal Trainer clients to achieve results. His favourite quote is, “You can’t build on failure. You can only build on success. Be one of the few who do. If you talk about it it’s a dream. If you envision it becomes possible. If you schedule it, it becomes real.”, Anthony Robbins. And since moving to work at DW Fitness in Bangor, Neil has envisioned, scheduled and made his Body Success vision become real.

Body Success is a series of educational classes aimed at small groups of all ages and abilities. Each class takes a number of popular diet and fitness topics and dispels the many myths surrounding each.

I completed the very first course one year ago and from experience I can tell you a few things, your diet will change, you will lose inches, you will be inspired and you will look at food differently.
And now a year later Neil and Jim have taken the course to a new level as it’s about to roll out UK wide in all the DW gyms.
So really what I am saying is, get into a DW gym and envision a new you, schedule yourself onto the Body Success course and make the new you a reality!

Check out Neil’s website and also the Body Success site for more details.


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