Another Monday!

This Monday thing seems to come around way too often these days…every 7 days unfortunately!
I’ve been sort of lying low on here the last week….the joys of illness and focusing on building the Belfast Times brand!
Did you see my new Cow Parade design? The fantastic Cow Parade has been all around the world, and now it’s Belfasts turn. Keep an eye out at the Balmoral Show this week to see what cheeky cows are coming your way. If you haven’t seen the design yet, check out my online shop by clicking on the big logo to the right of this post.

It’s mostly been a quiet weekend, but St George’s Market as always was fun yesterday….but as soon as I’d packed up it was a mad dash over to the Opera House for the 25th Anniversary one off concert to celebrate the success of The Pushkin Trust.
If you haven’t heard of Pushkin, which to be honest, we hadn’t, here’s a bit about their history.
For 25 years the Trust has provided educational programmes to support creative learning to over 50,000 pupils and teachers across Ireland. It was founded by the Duchess of Abercorn, and is named after her direct ancestor Alexander Pushkin, one of Russia’s greatest writers.
As we watched the story of Pushkin unfold on stage, it reminded me of my year working for another Trust, The Princes Trust and how similar the idea was. They are both about empowering young people with knowledge, confidence and encouraging creativity and to not be afraid to dream and achieve what you want in life.
Over the last 25 years the Pushkin Trust has done just that for many, and long may this opportunity continue to develop the minds of everyone involved.
After the celebration we were treated to a concert by the one time local superstar, Katie Melua. Katie lived in Belfast for 5 years as a kid and always talks fondly of her connection to Belfast and Northern Ireland.
She performed 9 songs including the bizarrely wonderful Nine Billion Bicycles. Such a lovely sweet voice and a pleasure to listen to in the Opera House.
Well that’s it for today…..and remember, once Monday is over…it’s nearly the weekend again! Keep ‘er Lit you buck eejits!


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