Aloe Burst – A local success story

20130115-170852.jpgAs it’s January, I guess a lot of people are having a health kick moment going on? Mine hasn’t really kicked in as yet, but I’m still hoping!

A New Year health kick will probably involve a bit of gym work and a bit of healthy eating and drinking healthy drinks like smoothies, wheatgrass…even water!

But I recently discovered a new kid on the block in the natural drinks market, keep an eye out for Aloe Burst, made in Northern Ireland. It’s a great new drink created by local business, the ‘Natural Import Company’ and its founder Chris Martin.

It’s made from Aloe Vera, yes, the ingredients you normally expect in a bottle of shampoo or a bar of soap, but Aloe Vera is well known for its healing properties, so why not put it in a drink as well!

I first met Chris a few months ago, only a few weeks after Aloe Burst first launched. As always I’m game to try something new and I was pleasantly surprised, actually very pleasantly surprised just how nice it was. It just tasted natural and fresh, and the packaging is kinda cool as well!

Chris Martin, who’s family originally came from Belfast, is a bit of a character, he’s definitely inspiring and is extremely passionate about his Aloe Burst and his Natural Import Company.

Chris and his family are entrepreneurs with his parents and his brother running successful businesses, so when Chris discovered Aloe drinks whilst living in Amsterdam the whole idea struck a chord with him and the research for Aloe Burst began.

His high standards and attention to detail led Chris to source the best quality Aloe Vera supplier in the world. The carefully harvested inner leaf gel is shipped over to Northern Ireland where it is pureed and blended with pure Artesian spring water naturally filtered through the hills of Antrim for hundreds of years. The Aloe and water is then blended with raw cane sugar and Aloe Burst’s natural flavour, to create a Northern Irish original Aloe Soft Drink.

Aloe Burst is the first product from Chris’s company, NIC, Natural Import Company and since its launch last summer Aloe Burst has been developing a bit of a following. Chris has managed to get this great product stocked in Titanic Belfast, as well as Mace, Supervalue and Centra in Belfast City Centre and across N.I. He has even had a request from Google to stock it in their UK and Irish headquarters!

If you ever come across Aloe Burst on your travels, I definitely recommend trying it out, not only because it’s a local creation but because it’s the healthier option and it tastes so fresh and delicious and I just know it’s good for you!

Our colleagues at ViewTV Belfast, recently met up with Chris to talk about this great local brand and business, you can view it here.

For more information on the Natural Import Company and Aloe Burst, head over to their website

Post Author: Belfast Times