We love to see local inventions (we’ve had a lot of them from NI) and local success stories (Aloe Burst, Squeeze Juice), and we love it when we hear about another Northern Ireland company making or creating a new product.

Today, Expelliere International launched a unique and highly innovative solution to a perennial problem which has scarred pavements and public spaces for decades – discarded chewing gum.

xpelgum is an ionic-based solution which when applied breaks down the chemical structure of chewing gum to remove its stickiness and allow for the safe removal of the discarded piece of gum. The technology was first developed at Queen’s University Belfast six years ago and since then over £2m has been invested by the local business consortium to take the ground-breaking technology to the point where it can now be launched to a global chewing gum clean-up market estimated to be in the region of $50bn.

Now this we love…it beats me why someone would spit their gum onto the footpath anyway, but hey, these things happen! At least now it can be cleaned up with a new and local invention!


Pictured at the global launch of the product today at the Merchant Hotel, Belfast, is xpelgum Sales Director Chris Lomas and Chairman/Technical Director of Expelliere International.

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