Working these middle aged muscles!

You may have read a couple of weeks ago that the Culloden signed me up for their summer promotion of a two month membership and my goal was to get back into moving these middle aged muscles again. You can read all about why I’m doing it at

Here I am, two weeks in and the slow change is happening. It’s painfully slow, but I don’t mind that, as long as there is progress, and there is, and I’m over the moon! 

First of all I did what I shouldn’t have done, I stood in the scales, just for curiousity, when I started and again today, 2 weeks later. I’ll do my best not to let the increase upset me!!! OMG, it’s supposed to be going down, not up, it’s not like I don’t have any pounds to spare to get rid of. But alas, it is what it is.

The awesome news is that two weeks in and my personal training programme is getting easier and I’m increasing weights and resistance already. By the time I get to my one month review I’ll definitely need a new programme. 

Steve the gym PT has been great, he’s a quiet young lad, I’m allowed to say that aren’t I? But he’s taking all my aches and pains into account, and has completely tailored my routine so I don’t aggravate my chest or back issues. He’s even given me a totally separate programme to do at home, which means when my summer membership package ends I’ll have what I need to continue at home, and I can hopefully build on that.

And my gym confidence is slowly returning. I even posted a video on Instagram and am regularly adding gym pics to my story on there as well.
My diet is also changing, chocolate consumption is down, massively. You know those 4 bars for a pound packs, yes, my addiction, well I haven’t bought any! That’s a result. So clearly going to the gym is having a knock on affect on what I’m eating. I’m just waiting on all the fresh veg on my Bangor allotment to start producing then I’ll be even healthier.

I haven’t tried any of the classes yet, but that’ll happen. And I haven’t been in the pool yet either, that’s a whole other body confidence thing going on right there. But it’ll get there. 

Keep er lit muckers… I’m away for a rest, that workout has knackered me!!!

Jeff x

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