An iconic Belfast lunch?

It’s the second of the new much anticipated cafes/deli/restaurants opening in Belfast this year, The National. The first was the Robinson & Cleaver eating spot which we had a sneak preview of here.

It’s another of the Bill Wolsley empire so we are expecting great things from National Grand Cafe Bar in High Street and Patisserie Mimi next door.

It’s due to open on the 12th September and the work is in full swing and about to reach completion, but on a quick visit today we didn’t expect to see a sight which reminded us of an iconic New York image, the one of the workers having lunch on a girder.

Well now we have a Belfast version, the workers at the National enjoying lunch on the window ledge!

It’s not quite as iconic but even 81 years after the New York photo was taken, it’s pretty cool that times haven’t really changed that much. Co-workers still get together to relax and eat in the sun for lunch…. Love it!

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