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We Slim Together | The First Month

When I decided to start the We Slim Together plan my initial thought was “here we go again Michael. Yet another attempt to lose some weight…!. Defeatist I know but I’d spent the last God knows how long being somewhat quietly unhappy about my size, perhaps not so quietly. I was at the point where I was just looking for something quick. A fix that would suddenly result in me waking up one morning and looking like a Men’s Health cover model or something along those lines. The ultimate example of delude eh?!

Wow!…quite a profound intro there, and a scarily accurate one. But 2017 came along, something suddenly clicked and I decided I’d had enough. I started The Skinny Bowtie, a page on my blog where I link to posts that are based on a much healthier take on food. As a result I was contacted by We Slim Together and thought I’d give the plan a go.

So here’s how it’s going, a month or so in. They say you have a ‘weight loss journey’, something totally individual to each person. So here’s my journey so far. I’m not saying it’s the right way to do it but, well, it’s my way.

Starting weight 14st 6lbs – heavier than ever.

Week 1 | Hit for Six

BOOM! 6LBS off! Can hardly believe it. Though when you start something like this you give it your all the first week. Immediately the biggest change I notice is the fluid intake. 3 litres of water a day!

From getting nowhere near the often recommended 2 litres, this was a massive change that clearly made a difference. During the week, at work, this amount is manageable. I’ve a busy wee home and a young Family so the weekends are much tougher with being on the go quite a bit. So 5 out of 7 will have to do for now.

Week 2 | Shock to the System

Aw crap!! 2 lbs off. Now let me just say, writing this now in week 5, two off for the second week is pretty good. At the time though I felt like my body had just stopped and said “Er, has there been a sudden worldwide traybake and craft beer shortage!?! We appear to have developed some sort of banana and Muller Light dependency here!?”. A new found appreciation for fruit and yogurt I prefer to call it. Now a staple breakfast on this plan.

Week 3 – 4 | Steady as we go

So 8lbs in 2 weeks and I got my ½ Stone Certificate! Incentive enough to lose another 2 in week 3 and into double figures, nice.

Week 4 was a little different and was the hardest week so far. Frustration and the sense of being slightly deprived started creeping in.

I clearly still had a lot to learn about the plan. I mean I seriously wasn’t going to come undone after just 4 weeks was I!? A metaphorical kick in the ass and a little (not too much) exercise and I just about managed to keep on track and another 1 ½ lbs off. Phew!

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