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There’s something hugely ironic about a food blogger going on a diet. Thankfully, this isn’t a diet.

I’m just over a week into We Slim Together, a plan developed by local lady Sonya McAllister and based in Randalstown Co. Antrim. I’ve made it my mission this year to get healthy, to undo all the bad habits I seem to have picked up without noticing over the last few years. To be fair I probably did notice but just ignored them.

I needn’t blame the food blogging, that’s not why it happened, although granted it definitely didn’t help matters! It’s more than plausible to eat and write about food and lead a healthy lifestyle. Seems like a silly and very obvious statement to make but it’s something I definitely needed to get may head round.

So I’m after something that’s sustainable, something I can stick to without too much thought and something that won’t tell me off if I have a splurge every now and then. We Slim Together seems to fit with my quite high, very diva-like demands, so I’m giving it a go!

By Michael Reid
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