Waterfront Cinema?

Its just a bit bizarre, but the Waterfront Hall is now a cinema. Yes, they are showing some absolute movie classics in the main auditorium. I wonder what it’s cinematic experience will be like? I have my eyes on their mid summer movies for something that wee bit different. But first of all, for all you kids at heart and the families, on 21 April, they are showing the kids classic, Monsters Inc.
Then in the summer they are showing other classics, some of which we are already considering. So if you love some of these and have never seen them on the big screen, get your tickets ordered. Do you think the staff will be walking the aisles with ice creams and popcorn? Do you think people will dress up for Grease? Oh Sandi, are you ready for some summer lovin?

21st Apr – Monsters Inc
5th Aug – Grease
6th Aug – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
7th Aug – You only live twice
12th Aug – E.T.
13th Aug – A mega session of all 3 Lord of the Ring movies
14th Aug – Alien

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