Vitality Week at Galgorm Spa

A Monday spa day at Galgorm, now that’s how you start the week off. Actually it’s a great way to start any day off this week at Galgorm. They are celebrating their first birthday with a Vitality Week.

On the first morning of Vitality Week, the team from Aromatherapy Associates arrived in NI for a few days of aromatherapy seminars. When I say seminar, our morning involved a brief session about the history of the company and their different oils available. Then each guest was met for an individual assessment to choose your oil before a blissful head or hand massage. Or in our case, because they had time, both!

We had to fill in a little form and tick a number of boxes describing how we felt at the time. I struggled!!! I had no muscle aches or pains, no dry skin or problem skin, no headaches, no stress, no anxiety, no hormones out of balance (not that I know of!). So I ticked, the need to calm the mind, disturbed sleep and long hours in front of a screen. Clearly not working 9-5 agrees with me.

This proved a problem for selecting an oil (apparently I’m super human!), but with 2 initial oils to choose from, and a third introduced, I ended up selecting one which smells surprisingly similar to another oil I already use. But the oil I selected as the scent which appealed to me most wasn’t related to any of my ticked boxes. Go figure! It was for congestion, seasonal allergies and needing an immune boost. But it smelled the best!

After the massages it was time to explore the beautiful spa village, with outdoor pathways leading to a number of experiences and areas. My highlight, the simplest of all, was standing in their hut overhanging the River Maine, watching the river flow past, as nature continued its daily cycle all around. It’s the natural world that gets me every time, and the outdoor Galgorm Spa Village ticks all the boxes with an outdoor experience perfectly married with traditional indoor spa areas.


We finished with lunch in Gilles before hitting the road again, completely chilled and relaxed.

Jeff Meredith

Vitality Week menu

Tuesday 13th September – Glow Together with Aromatherapy Associates
10am – 12pm / Held at the Boudoir at The River House at £50 per person
Hosted by Aromatherapy Associates, this session is perfect for groups up to x 10 people. Learn homecare techniques for your skin type through personalised skin consultations from our experts. All whilst enjoying private use of our group treatment suite! All guests will receive luxury sample products to try at home. The morning is to be followed by a relaxing journey through the Thermal Spa Village (which celebrates its 1st birthday this September!), followed by a delicious lunch at Gillies Grill.

Wednesday 14th September – Beauty Despite Cancer Pamper Session
10am – 12pm / Complimentary session within the Orangery
The Spa at Galgorm are pleased to announce two interactive workshops hosted by Jennifer Young from Beauty Despite Cancer, which have been designed for those currently undergoing Cancer treatment or anyone who has overcome treatment. Taster Spa treatments specifically adapted by Galgorm’s qualified therapists demonstrate how the power of touch is imperative to anyone going through this immensely physical and emotional journey.

Wednesday 14th September – Sleep Ritual with Jennifer Young
2pm – 4pm / Complimentary event held within the riverside Conservatory
Hosted by Jennifer Young (Beauty Despite Cancer) she will teach sleep techniques to those who find sleep elusive whilst undergoing treatment. (We recommend that anyone attending this event and experiencing treatment should not drive afterwards).

Wednesday 14th September – Wellness Supper Club with Estelle Wallace
6pm – 9pm / Held at Fratelli’s Restaurant at £40 per person
Advising on your search for optimal health and wellbeing local nutritional expert Estelle Wallace offers tips on how to make a positive step towards your health and fitness goals. Founder of the Shrink Plan, Estelle explains ‘the Shrink Plan was developed to create an eating plan that promoted health on the inside, contributed to wellness, whilst also resulting in weight loss and an improved functionality of the human body’. Package also includes access to the Thermal Spa Village with a sumptuous dinner from the SHRINK menu at Fratelli’s.

Thursday 15th September – Lava Shell Experience
2pm – 4pm / Held within the Conservatory at £65 per person
Allow the elements of our Thermal Spa Village to guide you on a sensory journey through the power of heat and ice therapy before an interactive demonstration of Galgorm Spa’s Lava Rescue heat and ice massage to rejuvenate and reawaken your body and soul. This workshop is perfect to discover the benefits of Lava Shell technology to ease aches and pains and aid muscle recovery. This particular package includes access to Ireland’s first Thermal Spa Village with lunch at Gillies Grill.

Thursday 15th- Friday 16th September – Beauty Sleep
£150 per person
Would you like to improve the quality of your sleep? Do you wish to possess brighter, softer skin? If the answers to these questions are yes, then this is the package for you! Hosted by VOYA organic beauty, this package includes a luxurious overnight stay with dinner and the favoured Signature Sleep treatment. Arrive for breakfast make up free and enjoy a private individual skin consultation before receiving a tailored homecare recommendation from our experts, in order to enable you to continue your relaxing spa experience at home.

Friday 16th September – Glow Together with VOYA
10am – 6pm / Held in the Spa’s Boudoir area at £50 per person
Hosted by VOYA organic beauty, perfect for groups of up to 10 people. Learn homecare techniques for your skin type through personalised skin consultations from our experts, all whilst enjoying private use of our group treatment suite. Each guest will receive luxury sample products to try at home. Followed by a relaxing journey through the resort’s Thermal Spa Village, followed by lunch at Gillies.

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