Unique wedding favours from St George’s Market

IMG_5701St George’s Market, the UK’s number one large indoor market is a bustling thriving community of local businesses and my weekend workplace. I don’t ever class it as work, in my head it’s the best kind of hobby where I can be creative and get my artwork of locally inspired popart designs out there into the world.

Every week at the market, something completely out of the blue happens, whether that’s a visit from the Queen or a new business opportunity or a conversation with an amazing customer. Looking after my stall on a Saturday and Sunday brings a whole lot of sunshine into my life and it’s amazing what a customer laughing their socks off at one of my coasters or cards can do. To make someone smile and be happy, even for a fleeting moment, makes me happy and that’s a beautiful feeling.

This weekend something happened which has left me beaming from ear to ear.

IMG_5667A photo-shoot or a wedding

It was Saturday afternoon and the traders were starting to pack up, when a bride and groom arrived. Everyone jumped to the conclusion that this had to be a photoshoot because why would anyone come to the market after a wedding? But we were very wrong.

The young couple fresh out of their wedding ceremony had popped into the market for some unique wedding photos. The photographers were walking around selecting locations but little did I know they had planned to head to my stall.

Wedding favours

A few months ago, James and Gemma had come to my stall and spotted what were their perfect wedding favours, my range of coasters. Now there was an idea I had never thought of! And I’m completely with them on this one, the coasters are indeed perfect wedding favours.

Their photographer got into action and the couple struck some perfect poses on the market aisle just beyond my stall before they came over and had some fun with Ye Boy Ye and Ye Girl Ye coasters.


It was all a completely adorable moment and a fantastic and happy way to end my day. And it was such a pleasure to add to what was obviously a fun wedding day and to think that their lucky guests were going to get a coaster designed by me as a wedding favour as they sat down to dinner.

Congratulations to Gemma and James and I hope your wedding was as beautiful as the feeling I left the market with, so thanks for that!


Conversations  at St George’s Market,

Customer: What does Norn Iron mean?

Me: Northern Ireland… Norn Iron

Customer: Ah! I saw it on a tshirt and thought it was a reference to ironing!


A selection of coasters is available online here or head over to facebook.com/belfasttimes and click on the shop tab.

If you think these would be a great wedding favour, pop me an email at jeff@belfasttimes.co.uk or come on down to the market on a Saturday or Sunday.IMG_5704


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