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20130316-112838.jpg10am on Wednesday morning, and what better place to start my get fit exercise regime than in the beautiful grounds of Stormont Estate.

I’m training with Peter of LoveFitness who reckons he can whip me into shape in no time at all, given my history of exercise. What he has failed to realise that I’m not 20 anymore, and I can’t do what I once did!

Peter arrived at my first training session with all his equipment and it took both of us to carry it to where the killer session began.

He got all set up and got we got stuck into warm up exercises. And within minutes that was me punctured, just by the warm up!

Goodness, this is going to be tough!

And so began an hour of star jumps, press ups, planks, bench presses, and jumping about feeling like a big eejit in Stormont Estate. It was great fun and I had totally forgotten how much I loved pushing myself.

Peter has a fantastic training style of encouraging you to do more, he’s not a ‘no pain, no gain’ kind of guy, but I don’t think he realised that 3 days later I’d still be in pain. Yes the arms and chest are feeling the effects of a tough training session. But it’s worth it, as my muscles have been woken up with a shock.

The diet has so far has been pretty good, and for the first time, and thanks to an iPhone app, I’m watching the calories.

I’m horrified to discover that I thought I was choosing the healthy option of a multigrain wrap and then realised it was 200 calories per wrap! That feels like a whole waste of calories when I’m trying to come in at around 1800 calories a day.

I’m ready to start the new week properly by introducing a few changes to my routine. Cycle to work on dry days, use stairs and not lifts and escalators, keep improving the diet, and kick off the week with my next session with LoveFitnessNI on Monday.

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1 thought on “Training with LoveFitnessNI

    Avril Keys

    (March 16, 2013 - 12:09 pm)

    Sounds fantastic – you get so much more from a one-on-one hour than you’d get training on your own, don’t you? Well worth it for fast results. Pete’s great – I need that kind of push also. Good luck with your second session!

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