Touched for the very first time

Scream!! Madonna at Aviva Stadium in Dublin on Tuesday night was quite the experience….most notably added to by the rain, which arguably created an unexpected addition to the atmosphere. It rained heavy, none of your light fluffy stuff, it was full on skies emptying kind of rain, for the whole show! But in true Madonna style, later on in the show she admitted that we’d always wanted to see her wet, and she was indeed soaking wet!

Back to the start of the night, luckily we had our ever so fashionable plastic ponchos with us, which were quite the godsend standing in front of the stage in the Golden Circle, but little did we know that a chance encounter was about to change our whole Madonna experience. Standing in exactly the right place at the exactly the right time, we managed to get 2 wristbands to get into the Golden Triangle, the small exclusive area tucked between the stage and the walkway out into the audience. Basically that was our night made, and we effectively had our own little up close and personal night with the Queen of Pop.

So let’s talk about the show….wow, that was one big production…the costumes, the dancing, the effects, the props, the everything. Madonna herself was the performer we expected her to be and how anyone in their 50’s has that much energy is astounding.


The show had what some might say were its controversial moments, from scenes of torture, sex and politics, and we loved it all. It was a spectacle from start to finish and in the triangle everything was going on all around us, we didn’t know where to look sometimes.

As well as the superb new album, which sounded even better live, the old hits were rolled out, but as always with a Madonna show they were reinvented. Like a Virgin was a revelation as French chanteuse, Edith Piaf would almost love it! Vogue made a spectacular return with the most amazing costumes and dance routines…we all tried our vogue skills in the triangle.

The very very wet night ended with a reimagined Like a Prayer and the party track, Celebration. and let us just pinch ourselves, as we actually got to touch her, for the very first time…. Squeal!

Loved it all….just loved it!

L.U.V Madonna Y.O.U. you wanna.
By the way…sorry about the photos, there’s only so much you can do with a soaked iPhone. The ‘good’ camera was all tucked up in our room due to the rain!

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