Tommy Fleming at the Waterfront

20130122-202241.jpgComing to a bookstore, a music store and the Waterfront Hall, is Tommy Fleming with his autobiography, new CD and a tour.

2012 is a year Tommy Fleming describes as the toughest year of his and his family’s life.

On the 30th March 2012 Tommy suffered a huge blow with the loss of both his parents when they unexpectedly passed away within hours of each other. In the months that followed Tommy took a long break from his career and evaluated his life, his music and what steps he now needed to take.

During this emotionally upsetting time Tommy started to write and the results were a surprise to Tommy himself when he realised he could recall a lot more about his life and career than he thought. His writing took a life of its own and now for the first time he is due to release a photographic autobiography LET ME BEGIN which includes a unique collection of classic, rare and unseen photographs. This is Tommy’s first time to release a book based on his life with never before told stories from his childhood, his family life, schooldays, his first ever time stepping onto a stage, starting his first band, Phil Coulter’s influence, joining De Dannan, together with his trials and tribulations throughout his musical career and his life.

Tommy also returned to his musical roots during his time off and put together a collection of emotional heart wrenching songs to make up his new album of 15 brand new tracks inspired by the influences he received throughout his career from his parents and the feeling of helplessness when that part of his world changed forever. Tommy’s Album BEGIN which he describes as the most “cathartic work he has ever done and a fitting and personal tribute to his beloved Mother and Father”.

This is Tommy’s first original studio album in 6 years showcasing 15 brand new recordings including the talents of 4 Irish writers. BEGIN is a return to his more folk traditional roots in music. Tommy’s music has helped many people deal with emotional upset in their lives and his unique inspiring emotional voice has the ability to help people heal, this time he admits that recording and working on this album had helped him come to terms and gave him the strength to begin again.

After penning his stories and feeling and recording songs that helped deal with the huge adjustment in his life a story emerged – BEHIND THE VOICE, this is a documentary chronicling Tommy’s life in music from childhood to today. The documentary includes rare interviews from Tommy’s Musical Director and Producer, David Hayes, also Tina Mitchell-Fleming Tommy’s wife and Cathy Fleming, Tommy’s sister. It also includes renowned composer and pianist Phil Coulter and interviews from people who influenced his choices from a young age. The DVD includes unique acoustic performance of some of Tommy’s best loved songs in beautiful settings, a nostalgic look over Tommy’s life as boy growing up in rural County Sligo to the world stage but the person behind the voice is still the same.

Tommy Fleming: BEGIN
CD, DVD and Autobiography – OUT NOW

Millennium Forum: Saturday 16 February
Waterfront Hall: Friday 22 February, tickets £29.50

Post Author: Belfast Times