Titanic Tickets

Today was a big Titanic day as tickets went on sale for Titanic Belfast. What will be the worlds largest Titanic visitor attraction, on the slipways where the Titanic was built, opens its doors in March 2012, only 110 days away.
How exciting is this building going to be, as it celebrates the great feat of engineering the Titanic was, commemorates the great loss of life when it sank, celebrates Belfast as an industrial success story and celebrates the underwater exploration success which discovered the ship and how much progress has been made since then.
Titanic Belfast have released this teaser video for the attraction and I’ve got to say that, as always when I watch people talk about the ship and Belfast like this, I just feel so extremely proud of one of the best city’s in the world, Belfast.
For ticketing information please visit http://titanicbelfast.com

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