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Last night we headed up to the Movie House on the Dublin Road to watch a charity screening of Titanic 3D. The charity was the Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children, a local charity providing much needed support to families going through treatment for cancer. With 3 children each week being diagnosed with Cancer in Northern Ireland, it was a pleasure to be able to support them last night.
It was also a pleasure to see the movie again on the big screen. Given that I have a much more extensive knowledge of the ship now than I did when the movie came out in ’97, I enjoyed it so much more.
It also felt appropriate to watch it again in the city where it was built, in the run up to the centenary of its sinking. Watching the scenes depicting the ship sinking and imagining the horror that took place mid Atlantic on the freezing cold night night of the 14/15th April 1912, reminded me of the importance of commemorating the tragedy.
The largest manmade moving object at the time, built to a level of luxury never seen before on a ship, with the latest technology, yet tragically struck by the force of nature on its maiden voyage, with over 1500 people dying. It’s the kind of story you couldn’t make up, but it happened, and the start of the story happened in Belfast, and we’re bringing it back home with Titanic Belfast, the Slipways, the Dry Dock and much much more.
Enjoy the clip below and if you do go to see the rereleased movie, maybe you’ll also see it in a slightly different light this time round.

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