TITANIC Discovery for Belfast City Pub

We all know it’s a Titanic year for Belfast businesses as everything gets into ship-shape for the events surrounding the Titanic. But I’ve just read about the newly named Titanic Pub and Kitchen and how they discovered a shock link to the ship.

The owners noticed the building resembled the hull of a ship and the idea of rebranding and relaunching for 2012 began. The pub, formerly known as Frames/The Library Bar, promptly jumped on the Titanic bandwagon and decided to launch with the new name to raise a celebratory glass to the ship.

Never in their wildest dreams would they have ever thought that the site actually had some very real Titanic connections, but as it was about to reopen, the owners discovered that the site used to be a furniture factory. But not just any old furniture factory…because trading as Robert Watson’s furniture factory, some tables and mattresses were made there for the Titanic and Olympic.

I love this story and coincidence, but no doubt there are many other Titanic connections like this around the City. Do you have any Titanic stories??


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