Titanic Belfast preview day

We’re almost there folks, it’s almost time for Belfast’s new icon to open its doors to the world, and to finally tell the Belfast story of the worlds most famous ocean liner, the Titanic.
I know a lot of you are already getting Titanic overload with everything in the City having the Titanic label put on it, right from a bag of crisps to a whiskey, and from a bar to the new icon of the city, Titanic Belfast.
But with worldwide interest in the centenary of the maiden and only voyage of the Titanic, it’s finally fantastic to see Belfast claiming it back and celebrating the industrial might we had in the early 20th century, and to celebrate our world class shipbuilding industry at that time. We were world leaders in ship building and that’s something we should be immensely proud of. The Titanic and it’s two sister ships, Olympic and Britannic were built to a standard never seen before as luxury and size were paramount and ahead of their time.
As Titanic Belfast is about to open its doors and celebrate everything that was and is great about Belfast we managed to get a sneak preview and we were most definitely wowed.
Arriving at the building, obviously I was über excited…an actual butterflies in the belly moment. I had very high expectations and in the most part I was impressed and can safely say that it’s worth the entrance fee.
It’s not a museum, but it is an interactive and technologically advanced Titanic Visitor experience, the largest in the world in fact. Standing at the height the Titanic and Olympic were as they were built side by side only yards from the building, it’s an impressive sight to look up as you are walking in the doors.

Inside, the galleries are kitted out with some amazing interactive technology and lots and lots of information and stories about Belfast and the Titanic. I’ll not go into details as it would give just too much away, but two definite highlights stand out. One was the room were story of the actual sinking of the ship is told, and you walk into a black corridoor with water effects on the floor and stars above and the final radio transmissions of the crew of the Titanic are displayed. You just can’t not be moved by the stillness of the room or the final moments of the ship.
My other absolutely totally amazing moment was the glass floor in the theatre almost at the end of the tour. Thousands of photographs have been taken looking down on the Titanic as it is today, 2.5 miles down at the bottom of the Atlantic. These are merged into one large image and as you stand on the glass floor this image moves across underneath your feet showing some amazing details of the ship. It’s quite special….actually it’s more than quite special, it just totally wowed me and I just need to stand there again and take it all in, in every minute detail!
On a very slight negative, there were a few things I thought could have been better, but final touches and tweaks were still being finished, so hopefully any minor issues or disappointments I came across will be ironed out by the time it opens this Saturday.
Opening day tickets are sold out online, but there are tickets available at the door on the day. If you are going, expect it to be busy, and expect to spend much longer in there than you planned to.
We’ll be back in there on the 14th, on the day the iceberg struck, but who knows, maybe I’ll make a wee sneaky visit again before then!! I have an absolute need to spend a whole afternoon in there on my own, soaking up the huge amount of information available and getting totally immersed in the Belfast Titanic story.
For more information head over to www.titanicbelfast.com



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