Time for Tea on Mother’s Day

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I’m a serious multi-tasker– so when I heard about a local company that is able to combine a tea bag, with a greeting card, which will put a smile on my mum’s face all at the same time, I wanted to hear more.

The Say it with….Tea brand does exactly what is says on the tin or in this case the card, as it combines an individual sachet of tea with the caption ‘Give yourself a break’. If your mum is anything like mine, she will go for Earl Grey variety, but the good thing is the teas vary from Belfast, Green, Darjeeling and Peppermint; you can choose the type that you think the person receiving the card will like.
This is the first time I’ve heard about these cards, but company owner, Shirley Walker tells me the idea isn’t new, as she first discovered tea cards when she was on holiday in Canada. She brought some back for her friends and after positive feedback she tried to source them locally. Realising there wasn’t any available; she went online, but found them very expensive. Then the ‘light bulb’ moment struck as she decided to start making and selling them herself.

After some research, as well as trial and error to get the designs right, Shirley has now created a range of bespoke cards which are great for Mother’s Day, as well as other occasions throughout the year.

I’m a fan of supporting local brands, so am impressed that the tea sourced is from traditional tea emporium SD Bells on Belfast’s Newtownard’s Road, which says the ‘Belfast Tea’ the most popular flavour. Shirley also buys the card for the tea cups and teapots from various local suppliers, and got some of her designs from National Trust shops.

This is the type of hidden gem I like, a business that started from the kitchen table and has grown organically the traditional way. The cards are priced at £2 and are available to buy at SD Bells, the Old Tea House in Whitehead, Nigel Allison’s art studio in Ballymena, as well as various craft fairs across Northern Ireland.

As a non tea drinker I’m not the target market, but that said, I know plenty of tea drinkers that would love the cards – especially my mum. With Mother’s Day just round the corner, these cards are a great way to catch up with your mum over a cuppa, but if you want to stay in the good books, make sure you don’t forget the biscuits!

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