Thriller Live at the Grand Opera House

Last night we headed over to the Opera House for a night of hits, dancing and a great audience, for the Thriller Live show.
There we were, up in the gods, two songs in and I could have easily just went home. It just wasn’t up to scratch….why would you start off a MJ show with ‘Jam’ and a weak version of it at that. But, the show just got better and better.
It wasn’t until after the interval when it really kicked off and the audience got to their feet and danced along. The hits just kept coming and some which stood out were, ‘They don’t care about us’ and ‘Smooth Criminal’. It was in the latter when Michael may as well have been on stage. The dancer was fantastic and I just got all goosebumps! I could just remember the three real MJ concerts I did see and the show was bringing those fantastic memories flooding back.
If you haven’t seen him live, then a lot of the second half of Thriller Live is the next best thing out there at the minute.
There was one other highlight of the evening though, down there on front row was a young kid, who was probably still in his pram when Michael died, but there he was, up on his feet the whole show. He clearly watches the Michael videos on constant replay as the dance moves were spot on. He could’ve shown some of the dancers on stage a move or two. Just brilliant!
Needless to say, Michael Jackson has been added to the iPhone playlist again today after a considerable absence, and I recall the memories of three great concerts, a great Thriller Live night and a legacy of fantastic music.
For a fun night out with some killer thriller tunes, get over to the Opera House and book the tickets before the show closes on Saturday night.

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