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In another new weekly feature for Belfast Times, it’s time to start sharing the events and weekly stuff that happens in the editors world…

So that most eventful year finally ended as the world celebrated the end of 2016 and looked forward to 2017. We were treated to endless firework displays from around the world, with not a peep of an effort to begin 2017 from our own city council, apart from the city hall lighting up with a colourful countdown. Maybe next year we could get a stage built, get Pete, Rebecca and Paulo up on it with a few live acts, and have a right old hooley! Although could we ever top the global headline stealing performance of Mariah Carey. It might have been an epic lip sync fail, but Mariah rocked it. It just doesn’t get any better!

We spent the night in the Samson suite in Malmaison after a chilled out Masquerade at the Mal NYE night in their restaurant and bar with our best friends, who we’ve spent every NYE with for the last 24 years! 

The suites in the Mal are just the best and make you feel like you’re living a rock star lifestyle! The room size is definitely bigger than the ground floor of our house. And that pool table!

What a great night….Happy New Year by the way.

Then the New Years resolutions began; walking more, or to be more precise, moving more. On went the new Skechers thanks to their Belfast city centre store, and out we headed into the crisp winter air. 10,000 steps a day is the goal, and those super comfy new trainers will definitely be helping get this 2017 let’s get moving regime started.

I’ve decided this year to make more of an effort and get out enjoying Northern Ireland a lot more (I can’t believe I even said that!). There are outdoor things I want to do, like get up Slieve Donard on a clear day, or visit the Peace Maze, or go to the Butterfly House. So this week I started with a visit to Castle Espie. I haven’t been in years, and loved it. It’s great to see a site once used for making bricks, letting nature take over again with fantastic views and lots of bird life. It’s a lovely walk around the Lough shore then up into the forest and around the swamp area, for the fun bit. At the swamp there are boardwalks, inverted tree stumps (reminded me of the Singapore trees) and a zip line. 

Actually, what I loved most about the whole afternoon was the zip line at the kids play area, and if you check out my video below, it’s perfect for this big kid as well. It’s just as well I wore my Highbury Cat boots, super comfy with superior cushioning; perfect for forest walks, especially if I’m bouncing around a play area like a big kid!. I got them last summer and haven’t had them on much, but this year with my new walking/moving regime, they will definitely be getting a lot of use. As will the GoPro camera. It has sat in the corner unused for a year or more, but it’s been dusted off and ready to record a year of discovering NI. Here’s my first GoPro video of 2017.

It’s back to St George’s again this weekend and I’m already thinking about what adventure I’ll get up to next week. Suggestions welcome!

Have a great weekend.


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