This is my week: Focus, Food and Folk

We are now in mid January and Blue Monday is fast approaching (January 16th). It’s that Monday when you wake up, and it’s still dark outside but you have to go to work, you’ve no money left because Christmas cleaned you out and you last got paid ages ago. And you’re sick of these dark evenings and Summer feels like years ago; if you are from Northern Ireland summer probably was years ago! 2014 or something! Personally I’m keeping those blues away by getting outside as much as I can and pounding the pavements for 4-6 miles a day. The goal is 10k steps a day, my average is currently around 8000 a day, but I’m staying focussed and getting there!

My walking week
10k steps for me is just over 5 miles, that feels like A LOT! But in my head that begs the question, 10k steps to someone else might be only 3.5 miles against by 5 miles, so who is benefiting more? I guess the reality is, we are both benefitting, because it’s 10k more than being a couch potato. 

So the walking and fresh air is fighting against the SAD blues and it feels good. Add in some kettle bell exercises daily (they sit at the bottom of my bed), some planks and squats and the like, and I’m making in-roads to the goal to move more this year. As I said in my last week’s post, part of the moving thing is to get out and visit places during the week when I’m not working (work is at the weekends in St George’s Market)

But before I mention the day out, I was invited along to a New Years Banquet by Tourism NI to celebrate the successful year of Food and Drink. Our fine dining experience was in the most unique location of the gallery in the Ulster Museum. Yes, actually in the 3rd floor gallery, and it was the first time it’s ever happened in the museum. Bathed in pink light (a nightmare for photos) and surrounded by probably millions of pounds worth of art, we enjoyed amongst other things, the new NI Signature Dish of beef and beetroot. A fabulous experience!

Dinning in the Ulster Museum gallery
Thursday was the day out, and I headed to the Ulster Folk Museum in Cultra. I love the place. Stepping back in time to a simpler world without 21st Century distractions, without even electricity, walking around the Folk Museum is a calming blissful experience. Pottering about country lanes with the smell of log fires, museum team tending to the farms and animals. It’s the most wonderful escapism! And at only £30 a year for individual annual membership, it would be money well spent for unlimited access. You can join here.

Another development this week was the rediscovery of my GoPro camera, which has sat in a box at home untouched for over a year. But, my love for it has been rekindled and I’ve been posting photos taken with it all over my Instagram. I’ve literally been setting it on the ground and stepping away and hoping for the best! Some great photos, you should have a look!

Chilling in the Folk Museum, Cultra
This coming week I have two launches in the city, I’m hoping to jump on a red bus tour, and I’ll hopefully get a day trip to experience somewhere I’ve never been to before in County Down (suggestions welcome!) 

Have a great weekend

Jeff x

Oh and…. as I sit here finishing this off, a trader at St George’s Market treats me to this… a chocolate coated rose water marshmallow.  Thanks Joy’s Artisan Foods! 

A delicious Rose Water Marshmallow

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