Theatre review: Over the Wire at The Mac

Produced by Derry’s Playhouse , Over the Wire forces you into the prisoners world as soon as you arrive Upstairs at The Mac. Walking into the theatre you are confronted by a rather large prisoners compound topped with barbed wire and filled with the smell of dust.

Set in Long Kesh in 1974 after prisoners have set fire to the main prison, Over the Wire follows the story of five men as they learn about each other in cramped surroundings.

Written by Seamas Keenan and Directed by Kieran Griffiths this gritty and gripping drama sees the prisoners struggle with paranoia and suspicion. As the drama progresses with strong language and nudity, the situation spirals to a violent and disturbing finale.


The caged compound is certainly a sight to see and the cast are completely immersed in their brutal and dramatic roles, but the lighting and sound effects add to the tense scene. The sounds of helicopters, searchlights and goings on outside the compound only add to heighten the tension and completely embroil you into the fraught situation the prisoners find themselves in.

We left the theatre speechless and disturbed by what had just happened. It’s a powerful production and tough to take in, but it’s worth experiencing this intense and brutal piece of award winning theatre.

Over the Wire is in the Mac for a short run until the 14th Feb.

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