Theatre Review: Mistletoe and Crime at the Lyric theatre

The Lyric always feels like it has a very serious theatre vibe going on, although we have seen some great comedies there over the years.

Thinking about that vibe, arriving into the main auditorium and hearing Christmas music playing was a treat. Mistletoe & Crime is after all, their Christmas comedy.
The Lyric are always great at doing local, and Mistletoe & Crime is one of those local themed comedies.

Right from the start, you’re laughing. Isn’t it great we can have such a laugh at ourselves.
The comedy just flows, but it helps to have such talented actors. With the superbly talented Ciaran Nolan, the guy who just needs to walk on stage and I’m smiling already. Then there is Katie Tumelty who regularly plays very mature characters who I’m not sure if they are supposed to be comical, but again, she arrives on stage and I smile. New to me is Christina Nelson who rattles through the character and costumes changes with ease. So well in fact that you begin to think that just can’t all be the same person!
Mistletoe & Crime is the story of two cops working on the Christmas Eve shift, and it’s one of the two’s first ever shift. Throw in a load of local characters, a few stereotypes, a bit of tinsel and writing by Marie Jones into the mix and you have a very funny local take on a Belfast Christmas.

Marie captures the essence of the people of the city, its eccentric characters, its language, its comedy and brings it all to life on stage.

You’ve got people stuck on top of Christmas trees, cops on bikes, characters looking to get into Hydebank for a good Christmas dinner, police helicopters, fire engines and Steven Nolan gets a mention and a big laugh.

It’s a fun packed comedy with a bit of Christmas spirit and goodwill. And if you need a Christmas pick me up, then head on over to the Lyric and give your bake a joy ride!

Runs until 11th Jan 2015

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