The Zipline??


This story has just appeared in the online press and it’s been all about a permanent Zipline, so of course I had to look into it.

In a press release issued today by , Social Development Minister Nelson McCausland talks about a Queen’s Quay masterplan proposal which includes revamping the Lagan Weir, buildings along the Odyssey side of the Lagan beside the Weir, a possible Lagan lock, landscaping and creating what we think will be a great link between the City centre to the Titanic Quarter. When you leave High Street in the City it’s a bit of a no mans land trek over the Lagan to head to Titanic Quarter so this is great news. It’s a long term proposal though and one that’s not likely to be completed for another 10 years, much like the long term Titanic Quarter proposals.

But we love the proposals anyway!

Check out the press release here.

Check out the PDF about the proposals here.


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