The Woman You Call Mary But The Lady I Call Mammy by @ashleighcoyle22

With Mother’s Day just passed & using my last blog ‘Me, Myself & Gucci’ to introduce myself, I couldn’t let the day pass without a mention of how much I adore the woman that gave me life.

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As morbid as it is and as much as I would rather not think of the day that she will no longer be here to continuously remind me that I should not pretend my bank statements don’t exist, that there are some times that I really should not voice my opinion and that I really should integrate other colours into my wardrobe than just black, I can’t help but think ‘how much will I regret not telling her I love her every single day’ or ‘I wish I had have hugged her more’?

So I’ve decided to take this opportunity to state 10 things that I can’t believe I’m only telling her now.

1. I do everything in hope that you are proud of me; many of my decisions or actions may disappoint you but that is never my intentions, I hope you take pride in who I’ve become.

2. I’m so happy everyday to have you by my side; I’m aware of the countless hateful things that I have uttered throughout our arguments but I don’t and never did mean a word of them.

3. I’m grateful for the men you’ve brought into my life; my stepfather has been the perfect father figure and as for my little brother, our arguments at home may not back this up but I appreciate him & I’m so proud of him, and without you I would have neither.

4. You’re the prettiest lady in the whole wide world; you taught me how to present myself & I loved watching you apply your makeup and get dressed up when I was little, I grew up thinking you were the most beautiful woman & to me, you always will be.

5. I believe in myself because of you; as I’ve publicly spoken about the difficulties I’ve faced, not once did I ever give up because you taught me how to believe in myself and when I didn’t, you were there to do it for me.

6. The best mammy is you; you may disagree but I see the sacrifices you make and the effort you put in everyday to ensure I am happy, I notice how you’re always there to talk to and I get that you worry if I am and will be ok every time I leave the house. That is more than I’ll ever need.

7. You’re my inspiration; listening to your life experiences, how you’ve dealt with situations & coped in specific environments, I aspire to become half the woman that you are.

8. You’re my best friend; despite ignoring your advice on several occasions, I do appreciate it. I may not always want it, but I do always need to hear it.

9. I love you; not only for what you’ve done for me throughout the last 21 years or for who you are as a person but also for who you have shaped me to be.

10. Thank you; thanks for standing by me & letting me make my own mistakes despite ignoring your advice once again, thanks for knowing who was bad for me & not letting me hang out with them growing up (I was upset then but I understand now), thanks for being the best granny to Gucci & always dog sitting without being asked, thanks for always being there & listening to all my secrets/dramas and most of all, thanks for being you.

“To the world you are a mother, but to me, you are the world”.

Until next Thursday, have a great weekend!
Ash x

Mammy: Photo by Jim McClaren

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