The Titanic Shop

As you may already know, the local name for a Titanic fan is a Titanorak, and I’ve already come out and and declared that I am one. The reason I am a Titanorak is because in 1912 it was the largest manmade moving object in the world, it was a feat of engineering genius. It was built in Belfast’s hugely successful shipyard, in a city in it’s prime at the time. Everything about the Titanic and it’s sister ship the Olympic was groundbreaking and they led the way in technological innovation, luxurious accommodation and exceptional catering. There was a third sister ship, the Britannic, but it was used as a hospital ship during the first world war. The Olympic successfully sailed until 1935.
So needless to say I got all excited when I heard about some Titanic produce for sale in St Georges Market. The stall in question was the Titanic Shop and they are selling a wide range of Titanic branded products, from jewellery to calendars, and from teddy bears to key rings.
Anthony, who runs the shop is starting out on a business adventure of his own and is already attracting attention in the Market. Make sure you check out the website White Star Momentos to see whats for sale.


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    (August 19, 2011 - 2:40 pm)

    Excellent news.. what a great stall. Well done all.

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