The Saturdays on a Monday

Last night, 28th Feb, we braved through the thousands of teenagers to participate in the madness that was The Saturdays young female fan base. They were all so excited to be out for the night and it showed, all made up in the on-trend orange clothes and accessories, hair pieces clipped in and backcombed within an inch of the hairs life. The excitement meant the mainly female audience could barely contain themselves, from the minute the boy band ‘Twenty Twenty’ appeared until The Saturdays sang their final song ‘Ego’
You could almost see the whole audience gasp. ‘Where’s Frankie’ when 4 Saturdays appeared on stage. It turns out she’d caught the same bug as Tesco Mary and Harry Styles (What have they all been up to?).
The props were basic and amounted to light up steps, light up mike stands, and coloured helium balloons carried about by the girls. It’s not always a good look on stage when the girls are singing their hearts and these men in black are moving the light-up stairs around the stage manually. No high tech equipment here, but who needs gadgets and hi tech when you could clearly see The Saturdays were having the time of their lives and living the dream.
The whole mood in the Waterfront made up for the staging. It was positively electric. We all danced and smiled our way through a night of perfect pop tunes and enjoyed the party mood.
As for photos, I forgot my camera so I only have this blurred shot of the girls and the men in black moving the steps about.
Oh, and by the way, they announced at the end of the show that they’d be back in December. Can you wait? Will I be there? Hell yeah, why not.

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